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The Gastronomic Sciences course is highly professional programme which aims to balance the study of theoretical subjects and practical exercises, with a vertical and horizontal approach: vertical in providing specialisations in specific sectors, horizontal in maintaining a multidisciplinary perspective that prepares future professionals with open-mindedness and adaptability.

In today’s tourism industry, it is essential to have new professional figures who can meet the changing needs of consumers. Tourists not only want to visit a place, but look for everything related to the territory, starting from food and its impact on society. Hence there is a need for professionals, such as food and wine specialists who have various skills and a good knowledge of the entire food production chain, from livestock and agricultural origins, to the industrial changes it goes through. The food and wine specialist is therefore able to associate and coordinate the knowledge of the productive, regulatory, hygienic, food safety, nutrition and economic aspects of the world of gastronomy, to humanities, artistic and aesthetic, also through the right communication skills.

Courses in Gastronomy offered by VHEI 1 year – Diploma (MQF Level 5) in Gastronomy – 60  ECTS 3 years – BA Gastronomy  – 180 ECTS 4 years – BA (Hons) Gastronomy (with specialisation) – 240 ECTS The SYLLABUS is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Study-unit, duration and ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
YEAR 1Semester 1 
 1° YEAR: Diploma (MQF Level 5) in Gastronomy 
BG.001History of gastronomy8
BG.002Food chemistry and biochemistry8
BG.003Law and administrative techniques of food and wine facilities8
BG.004Food and media6
 Semester 2 
BG.005Science of human nutrition8
BG.006Italian gastronomy (Campus Italy)
BG.007Maltese gastronomy (Campus Malta)
BG.008International gastronomy8
BG.W1Workshops and seminars6
YEAR 2Semester 1 
BG.011Certification and quality6
BG.012Raw ingredients for catering6
BG.013English language6
 Semester 2 
BG.014Hygiene and microbiology8
BG.015Plant and animal production8
BG.016Plant and animal production8
BG.W2Workshops and seminars6
YEAR 3Semester 1 
BG.017Food and wine marketing8
BG.018Sicurezza alimentare e controllo qualità8
BG.020Commercial and agri-food law6
 Semester 2 
BG.021Sensory analysis8
BG.022Gastronomic aesthetics8
BG.023Sustainable gastronomy8
BG.W3Workshops and seminars6
YEAR 4Semester 1 
 Specialisation in Culinary Arts 
BG.024Kitchen operations and culinary techniques6
BG.025Artisan and industrial pastry and baking6
BG.026Innovative cuisine6
 Elective unit 16
 Internship 16
 Semester 2 
 Elective unit 26
 Internship 26
BG.W4Workshops and seminars6
 Final project or dissertation12
Gastronomic Sciences Courses

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