IUDAV Campus



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Our building has been specially set up for the best possible experience. Offering spaces for collaboration and innovation, through to state of the art facilities, the building has been created with the capability to adapt and respond to emerging technologies. It has been designed with the needs of all our courses in mind. Not only will our students have access to the latest technologies but also the shared work and social spaces, such as the digital halls and classrooms, offer the opportunity for innovative collaborations.
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Creating a positive classroom atmosphere is a task we take very seriously, as both the layout and furnishings directly influence students’ motivation for learning. All of our spaces also include many modern teaching aids in order to allow for a greater methodological diversity when teaching and to maximize learning efficiency. All classrooms are equipped with interactive smartboards and have modern teaching media that not only increase learning efficiency, but also boost motivation and ensure methodological diversity.
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Digital Approach

Valletta Higher Education Institute teachers guide our students through smart and strategic uses of digital technology, so they can further their projects to an advanced level or enrich their understanding of a given topic, by using equipment like Interactive White Boards, Smart TVs, Tablets, Notebook, and others digital tools, our students have high-quality STEAM learning experiences. Our activities foster invaluable skills around innovation, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.

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