The reasons for studying

at Valletta Institute

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VHEI and IUDAV through the stipulated convention propose an academic level training offer with a high training profile that gives life to a new generation of competitive professionals on the national and international market in innovative and always cutting-edge sectors.

To pursue this aim aimed at a direct and quick insertion into the world of digital animation and video games, the proposed Course of Studies was designed on the basis of three fundamental values: TRAINING, WILL, CAREER.

The course was created with the aim of training students and introducing them to the world of work in the fields of video games and animation according to the reference standards of the leading companies in the two sectors.

The degree program is designed to provide young people in Europe and the Mediterranean with tertiary-level training in related disciplines. Students who opt for this course will be able to gain professional preparation by combining theoretical knowledge with practical workshops and cultural events to support the training activities.


The goal of VHEI is to give life to a new generation of professionals in the sector and who are competitive on the national and international market. The course’s aim is to train students and introducing them to the Video games and animation world of work. and train them according to the reference standards of the leading companies in these two sectors.

The course includes practical activities by attending lectures, seminars, lectures by important sector representatives, sessions in laboratories, traineeships, individual and group exercises, all coordinated so as to develop a highly skilled professional and to expose the student to an avant-garde experience to quickly enter the world of work. Our course will equip the student with a cultural background that allows a certain openness of mind that makes them not just sector operators, but profound connoisseurs of the various facets that characterise creative, academic environments and professionals of animation and video games.

The Course has been designed in a way that every module includes the creation of products aimed at enriching the CVs of students who, each year, develop personal and collective projects which will then be included in the reference markets.

Our prestigious partnerships also provide the opportunity to be able to live internship experiences in important sectorial companies, allowing each student to approach the world of work during the study period.


The student is followed individually by each teacher, and is accompanied and guided in the development of skills, abilities, preferences and aspirations in order to effectively plan the professional path.
For this reason, we do not ask the student for particular previous skills. Rather, each student must be aware of taking part in a training course that requires constant commitment both in following courses, whose attendance is mandatory, and in the realization of projects and products. But do not be afraid: we assure you that every single effort will lead to concrete results!


The third year of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Degree in Digital Arts is entirely dedicated to the sectoral development of the student. In addition to customizing their study plan with two exams that allow them to deepen and consolidate skills and abilities in a specific field, the student will carry out an internship of 150 hours (4 weeks) at national and international companies engaged in the videogame and animation world. . The internship experience allows you to test the practical theoretical knowledge acquired directly in a professional environment. In addition, the student develops the communication and work skills necessary to build relationships in a highly competitive and selective sector, yet always looking for new professionals as evidenced by two of the largest Board Jobs dedicated to video games and animation. At the end of the three-year course, students will possess the basic knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in the holding companies of the sector such as:

Game Designer
Art Director
3D Artist
Lightning & Rendering Expert
Fur, Partycles & Fluids Expert
2D Artist
Layout Designer
Concept & Storyboard Artist
Character Designer
UI Expert
Web Designer
Game Tester
VFX Artist
Sound Designer
Marketing & Communication
Social Media Manager

Degree Courses

The courses at VHEI at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are designed to produce highly-qualified professionals in multiple disciplines.