Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Arts with specialisation in Animation

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Bachelor’s Degree

Digital Arts specialisation in Animation

The Bachelor's Degree in Digital Arts with a specialization in Animation curriculum is highly professional and aims to balance the study of theoretical subjects and practical exercises, with a both vertical and horizontal approach: vertical by providing specialization in specific sectors, horizontal by maintaining a multidisciplinary outlook that forms future professionals with an open mind and adaptability. Because the world of video game development and animation are not isolated, and every professional must be able to communicate and collaborate with other sectors.

In recent years, the spread of personal computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones has developed hand in hand with computing power. This has made it possible for the large-scale growth of video game development in various sectors of visual communication, learning, and entertainment. Advertising, cinema, television, video games, interactive installations have, in turn, created strong demand in the job market. Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Corona, Construct, Adobe Animate, Premiere, After Effects, Audition are among the most powerful and well-known software/languages/frameworks for pre-production, production, and post-production of high-level video games and animations.


Maltese applicants are to be in possession of the Matriculation Certificate (comprising six subjects), including a pass (grade 5 or higher) in the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examination in English Language and at least a grade 3 in Mathematics, or equivalent qualifications. Non-Maltese applicants are to be in possession of qualifications which the Admissions Board deems to be comparable to those required of Maltese students. Applications submitted either by mature students (over twenty-one years of age) or by those having practical experience in one of the two sectors of the degree course may also be considered. In these cases, applicants are required to attend an interview with the Admissions Board.

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