DA.032 Design portfolio and professional identity ETCS.6

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About This Course

This is an optional module for students in the Digital Animation stream.

This module provides students with the skills needed to create a design portfolio, giving them the opportunity to develop their individual artistic character and visual identity, highlighting distinctive creative traits while enabling them to work in a professional team.  It will guide students through all the stages of the process, from the selection of artworks, creative projects and design content, to the presentation of the material in printed and online portfolio formats.  The course will support students in forming their professional identity, showing how to launch a private practice and explore methods of self-promotion.  It will introduce them to cultural and entrepreneurial services offered by public institutions and business networks mentoring independent creative artists.  Finally, students will also explore how to assemble visual collections and curate exhibitions, create static and dynamic digital displays and organise cultural design events.  At the end of the course, students will have developed a professional portfolio containing design and promotional material, which will be showcased in the Institute’s annual exhibition

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