DAI.003 Scriptwriting I ETCS.6

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About This Course

This is a core module for both specializations.

The course covers every aspect of writing for film and television series, with particular attention to the specific features of the world of animation and videogames. The programme stimulates the aptitudes and skills of the students through lectures and practical exercises, in order to provide them with the basic tools of the screenwriter. At the end of the course, the students will write a small bible for a web series and a script for a short animated film.

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Eli Daddio

Dr of Psychology

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I am a professional game designer, game director and storywriter. I have a real passion on developement of new and original game systems, mechanics and plots, other than writing novels. My favourite genres are Fantasy and Science fiction, but I'm also a passionate reader of any kind of narrative. Until now, I've published a fantasy novel, "Il Grande viaggio di Speranza" (2010), edited by Albatros group in Italy; also, I published various short novels on internet, taking part in much literature competitions. I am the Co-Founder and Game Designer of the indipendent game development team: Expera Game Studio EDUCATION 2015 - Laure in Psicologia Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II  
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