DAI.004 Character design and storyboard techniques I ETCS.10

Antonio D'Elia
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This is a core module for both specializations.

The course is divided into two distinct parts: the first, character design, aims to show how to conceive any character in an original and consistent manner, starting from a simple idea and then structuring and characterizing it for the production of animations and videogames; the second, storyboards, is meant to present how to manage individual scenes effectively and how to communicate in a concise form, through the tool of the storyboard, all the narrative passages. For the first part of the course, students will use mostly paper and pencil and then go digital with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, while in the second part, they will use Toon Boom’s software Storyboard Pro, one of the most popular at broadcast level worldwide, for the creation of storyboards.

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