DA.021 3D graphics II ETCS.10

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Alessandro Faiella
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About This Course

This is a core study unit for students who opt for the Digital Animation specialization.

The course is split up into two sections.  The first part covers the history of graphic design, whereas the second follows up on 3D graphics I.  For the second part, therefore, it requires an depth knowledge of the Autodesk Maya software.  It provides students with some background on the processes and effects of graphic design and also aims to give them the skills to use ZBrush for digital painting and Mudbox for texturing.  The second part of the course starts from the conceptualization of any model, which it proceeds to create in the general mesh structure, and ends with the completion of the model through digital painting and sculpture techniques and the creation of maps useful in defining the final project.

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Alessandro Faiella

Dr. of Industrial Design

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I’m a 3D artist and illustrator with a lot of passion and multiple skills useful to realize every kind of ideas. During the last seven yearsI’ve planned and managed my time to improve my competences in drawing, digital painting, 3D modeling, digital sculpting, texturingand rendering. I am numerate, capable of working on my own initiative, and with excellent organisational abilities. EDUCATION 2011 Master in CG & 3D Animation - BigRock Institute Meolo (VE) 2010 Workshop in CG & 3D Animation - RISD Rhode Island School of Design Providence (RH) 2006 - 2010  Bachelor in Industrial Design - La Sapienza University of Rome Rome (RM)  
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