DA.024 Computer programming III ETCS.6

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Vincenzo D'Elia
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About This Course

This optional study unit may be taken by students who select the Video Games specialization.

In this course, students will delve deeper into the C# language applied to the development engine Unity3D. In the first part, the engine and all its potential will be analysed, and sessions will be held to make students more familiar with it. Then, the course will move to the study of C#, the development environment of MonoDevelop, and all that concerns the Unity3D logic and the import phase. It will show how to leverage the 3D/2D contents developed throughout the three years.

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Vincenzo D'Elia

2D/3D Artist - Game Developer

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EDUCATION 1996 Diploma Liceo Artistico Carlo Levi Eboli  
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