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Access to the Learning Platform

To access the Academy platform, the student must initially be registered by the Academic Office, which will subsequently communicate the access procedures to him.

Access by the student is done by typing in the editable areas of the platform “vhei cloud”, his serial number, which initially corresponds to both the username and the password.

Once logged in for the first time, the students are invited – via email- to personalize their password using the settings found on the top right corner of the portal screen.

On VHEI Portal, the student can carry out the following activities useful for their academic career:

  • Password personalization
  • Payment of academic fees
  • Verification of Personal Data
  • Verification of the Academic Career
  • Access to the Document Section
  • Acquisition of Information on Educational Programs
  • Verification of Exam Dates
  • Exam booking


The Portal is configured as a two-way Communication Tool between students and the Academy, allowing the latter to constantly monitor the career of individual members.