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Student Support Service

1. For each campus, the Management Board (MB) appoints a student support officer (SSO), who will report to the CEO, to assist students in various situations in which they may require help or advic

2. The officer would preferably have a Masters Degree in Psychology, Counselling or related subjects, as well as two years of experience in a post involving student counselling in an educational institute, preferably in an academic settin The officer will receive additional training on relevant topics and issues.

3. The duties of the officer include:

  • assistance to international students enrolled in one of the VHEI courses or visiting on a student exchange program;
  • support  for  accessibility  problems on  the campus or  on other  structures  of the Institute;
  • counselling, both in academic and practical fields, when a student requests assistance; the officer should however indicate to the student a professional figure in cases where such intervention may be advisable;
  • monitoring of the facilities on the campus and in other premises designated for use by students (such as study areas or the canteen);

4. Student exchange programs should be drawn up after the signature of specific agreements or arrangements for students and/or staff exchan

5. The Academic Council (AC) also appoints an Academic Advisor (AA) for each program, or even an additional tutor if necessary, in order to assist students individually on all academic matters, including research activiti

6. The AC must provide a virtual library, extending subscriptions to all students and registered staff. All support services available to students must be listed on the VHEI website and/or port

7. The CEO must appoint an officer or assign an organization to install, supply and maintain technical equipment and ICT infrastructure, both hardware and software, on each campus, and to help students with minor problems that they may encounter on their laptops, tablets, smartphones or similar devices (used for carrying out practical work assigned during the course). The officer or organization in charge must ensure that all the campus equipment used for learning purposes is functioning properly and is equipped with the latest software packages indicated.