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Grading System

The institute uses both the ECTS credit system and the evaluation system. It assigns ECTS credits to each of its study units, in order to facilitate credit transfer, and uses the ECTS evaluation system to make its grades more easily comparable.

This system – to be applied to classes with at least ten students- is based on class percentile, which indicates how a student performed his task compared to the rest of the class. In other words, the evaluation relates to the performance of the group.

Before evaluation and grading, the results are divided in “pass” and “fail”, thus keeping them independent of the number of students who have failed the course. Grades are then assigned as followed

  • A to 10% best
  • B Next 25%
  • C Next 30%
  • D Next 25%
  • E Next 10%
  • F Fail

The grades will be listed on the final diploma supplement and recorded in the registers. If the classes are made up of less than ten students, the examiners may adopt a more flexible evaluation approach.