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Review of evaluation marks

Students who believe that there may have been an error in grading for their consistent evaluation – in whole or in part- of (1) a written exam or a test, (2) a project, (3) a portfolio or (4) an assignment,  may  require  to  have  a  review  of  the  written  assignment or  work  submitted  for evaluation. If it is found that a mistake was indeed made, the review will settle the situation. If, on the other hand, no error is found, it will help reassure the individual that the evaluation was correct.

In order for a student to request a review of his evaluation, the following procedure must be applied:

1. The student must fill out and submit the online form (uploaded in the section reserved for course participants) requesting a review of the grade assigned for the complete evaluation or part of it, within one week from the publication of the evaluation.

2. An administrative fee for the amount indicated on the online form must be paid for the review, but this will be reimbursed to the student if his grade improves because of the review.

3. A faculty member who was not involved in the grading process of the work submitted for evaluation will be nominated by the Academic Council (AC) to review the assignment or the project or portfolio, and issue a report, taking into account VHEI’s policies for student correction and evaluation.

4. On the basis of the report submitted by the auditor, the AC assesses whether there are objective reasons for changing the result of the evaluation. If necessary, the original examiners or other academics can be consulted before making a final decision.

5. The student is then informed of the outcome of the review and, if a recommendation to change the grade assigned is confirmed by the AC, the relevant records are modified accordingly. In the case of dissertations or final theses, the student who desires to request a review of his grades must fill in the specific online form, which requires a written justification about why he believes a higher grade is deserved. In this case, an additional academic will be invited by the AC to join the College of Examiners, in order to review the dissertation or the thesis and contribute to the evaluation of the work and the final revised grade attributed to the student.