Valletta Higher Education Institute students in Cinecittà

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Valletta Higher Education Institute students in Cinecittà

On December 9, 2023, the Valletta Higher Education Institute’s Italian Campus students will be taking a guided tour of Cinecittà in Rome.

Since 2011, the Cinecittà Studios have been open to the public with the Cinecittà si Mostra project, a cultural initiative that enhances the historical and architectural heritage of the Cinecittà Studios, allowing visitors to visit the sets and exhibition routes. The museum offers an exhibition path that retraces the history of Italian and international cinema, through films, costumes, props and multimedia installations.

The VHEI students and their companions will have the opportunity to discover all the secrets of the seventh art with the Cinecittà si Mostra tour


An educational journey for Cinecittà

A guided tour dedicated to the history of Cinecittà, the protagonists of Italian cinema, and the work that goes on behind the scenes of the fascinating world of film production through the exhibition routes of Cinecittà si Mostra.

The rooms of the Girando a Cinecittà (1937-1990) exhibition become the basis for retracing the historical stages of the Dream Factory, from the first productions to the neorealist era to the “Hollywood on the Tiber”, the colossal and American productions that brought the peplum genre to the fore in the Cinecittà studios between the Sixties and Seventies. Immersed in scenic settings, original costumes designed by costume masters, props, images and video installations, participants can discover many anecdotes and curiosities about the history of the most famous films shot in the Via Tuscolana studios and learn about the main film genres, from the film of historical setting to the western genre.

The tour continues in the rooms of the Backstage teaching exhibition, which thanks to the interactive rooms dedicated to the cinema professions allows you to delve into the work of the director, the screenwriter and the costume designer. The rooms dedicated to fiction and green screen allow you to understand the main aspects of cinematic fiction, from the materials of the set to the virtual technologies to create objects and environments in digital.

The visit ends with Felliniana – Ferretti sogna Fellini, to learn about the imagination of the great master from Rimini and the special relationship he had with Cinecittà.

Educational objectives:
  • Provide participants with an understanding of the history of Cinecittà and its importance as a cultural institution.
  • Help participants to appreciate the role of Cinecittà as a place where films are made and where stories are created.
  • Introduce participants to the different genres of cinema, the major figures in Italian cinema, and the different professions involved in film production.
  • Provide participants with an immersive and participatory experience that allows them to learn about Cinecittà in a hands-on way.
Curated by:
  • Cinecittà si Mostra Educational Department and MIAC
  • Italian Museum of Audio-Visual and Cinema, in collaboration with “Senza titolo” – Open to Culture Projects
Teaching methods used:
  • Interactive and engaging approach
  • 90 minutes
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