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Communication Tools

1. The web master is responsible for the proper maintenance of VHEI’s websites, portal and social med The officer must ensure that all online media are regularly updated in terms of content and that public information available through the website is accurate.

2. The unit  responsible for  the organization of the section in question must provide the content. Hence, all text and material relating to academic matters – programs, regulations or activities – must be controlled and approved by the Academic Council (AC) or committee/officer delegated previously to organize the material, prior to upload.

3. The VHEI website includes details of all educational programs offered by the Institute, as well as information on the support services available to student

4. Each program must be introduced by a brief general description, a list of requirements, the expected learning outcomes, qualifications issued which correspond to the European/Maltese Qualifications Framework (EQF/MQF), the structure and organization of the course, the duration, the available specializations, as well as all the basic details of the curriculum, the basic and elective study unit

5. In turn, the information on each study unit must contain a description of the subject, teaching methods, evaluation methods, the list of readings and other useful resources, an approximate distribution of learning hours, the number of ECTS credits obtained, as well as an indication of the knowledge, skills and competences that should be learned upon completion of the unit. Finally, the information provided will also include passing rates and additional learning opportunities available to students