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Procedures to be guaranteed against any form of intolerance or discrimination against students or staff

1. All members of VHEI have the right to be treated with equal respect and consideration, not to be unjustly discriminated on the basis of one or more factors, including religion, gender, sexual orientation, conscience and personal beliefs, physical appearance and the colour of their skin, disabilities, language, ethnic or social origins, citizenship, personal and health conditions, pregnancy, family choices,

2. In order to ensure complete equality in the various aspects of academic life, the principle of non-discrimination does not exclude the maintenance or adoption of specific measures aimed at avoiding or compensating for disadvantages related to any of the reasons referred to in the first paragraph.

3. VHEI rejects any form of social prejudice, any harassment or annoyance caused by one of the reasons referred to in the first paragraph, any stigmatizing, degrading or humiliating practice, that is, the idea of supremacy or moral superiority of one group over another.

4.   The   Academy   adopts   appropriate   measures   to   prevent,   discourage   and   remove discriminatory or oppressive behaviours, in particular if habitual and protracted over time, implemented against a member of the VHEI, by subjects in a higher level position or by other subjects, which result in forms of psychological persecution or moral violence such as to cause a degradation of working conditions, thus compromising health, professionalism, dignity or even existence.