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Policy and procedures for the recruitment, selection and designation of teaching and administrative staff

1. The Academic Council (AC) appoints the Faculty Recruitment Committee (FRC), which provides its advice to the AC on the recruitment of teachers and other academic position The AC approves and adopts, or further discusses any recommendations made by the FRC.

2. All members of the FRC are selected from the academic staff and top executives, according to individual experience and to the needs of the Institut

3. As for the recruitment of teachers, the FRC ensures that the best candidates are selected in a fair and transparent process, in line with the established criter

4. Whenever there is a vacancy for an academic position, the FRC draws up a brief description of the position, including the minimum requirements candidates should meet and selects the interview board. A “Call for Application” will be posted on the website and possibly through other channels, the selected candidates will be interviewed and classified by the interview committee (based on points obtained according to published criteria – qualifications, experience, aptitude, etc.). Once the recommendations of the FRC for selection are approved by the AC, candidates will be individually notified in written form of the outcome of the interview

5. The name of the selected candidate, through a recruitment procedure, must be published – within the limits of the provisions of national data protection legislation – on the Institute’s website, no later than one week after the completion of the procedur

6. The new teachers will be initially recruited on a part-time basis and, when possible, will be employed as co-teachers on related topic Guidelines will also be provided on the procedures established by the Institute.

7. All teaching staff who hold the position of Lecturer or superior must have the following minimum requirements:

i) an academic qualification equivalent to the level of Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) level 7, in the case of those who teach in Bachelor’s Degree Programs, or a higher level than that of the study program in question, in other cases;

ii) at least three years of teaching, regardless of the level of education (secondary, tertiary, etc.) in which this experience was obtained;

iii) at least three years of experience in industry, in a sector related to the module taught, as well as a good knowledge of the software used in the course;

iv) a good level of knowledge of the language – English or Italian, depending on the campus where the professor teache Candidates applying for any academic position at the

Institute must demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the English language. The interview board must ensure that the selected candidate has a professional knowledge of the language equivalent to level C of the Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages (CEFR). The same applies to Italian.

8. The employment conditions of the teaching staff should comply with all current legislation and be widely comparable (taking into account some initial adjustments) to similar academic positions in the higher education sector of the two hosting count The Management Board (MB) reviews these conditions following the recommendations of the FRC (generally every three years), in order to ensure fairness of treatment and to allow the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of the faculty.

9. All academic staff are encouraged to carry out research, community awareness and any other beneficial activities for the Institute and its employee This will be done through three main incentives, namely:

i) specific resources, financial or  otherwise,  will be provided for these activit  The allocation of the resources will be decided by the AC, in the case of research activities and by the MB in all other cases, following the receipt of a request describing the initiative/research activity and the necessary resources. This may also include reducing teaching tasks to allow the teacher to carry out research or other approved activities.

ii) These activities will be considered positively when the professors concerned apply for promotion to a higher academic position, whenever there is a vacancy for that position.

iii) The professors will be assisted with the assignment of internal or external staff, to request participation in EU-funded projects.

10. Initially, the Institute will rely on the European programs it has access to, to finance its research activit Through its partners and staff, the Institute has considerable experience in EU-funded research projects and industrial networks, which it will leverage to initiate its participation in European projects and undertake research activities in its fields of interest.

11. The AC will strive to promote innovation as a cornerstone of the Institute’s activities, including the teaching methods of its staff. It must ensure that all teaching staff stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, and therefore will specifically organize CPD seminars for these purpose

12. The AC may also invite experts or specialists in their field as visiting lecturers. All the external parties contributing to the Institute’s academic program – visiting lecturers or the companies hosting internships for students – must be informed with written instructions provided to them prior to recruitment and they are required to follow the Institute’s QA policies